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Guardians of Middle Earth Releases Epic Launch Trailer

Guardians of Middle-Earth is shaping up to be a big contender in MOBA games and one hell of a worthwhile license for the Lord of the Rings franchise. WB Games has finally released the game’s launch trailer to entice fans into joining the fray.

The trailer demonstrates the game’s intense MOBA-style gameplay and the innumerable characters that can be used in the game. Bringing in 20 new heroes from the First Age through to the Third and several characters that have been introduced from the films and the franchise’s other games.

The game’s official website  has been featuring battle profile videos of these unknown and well-known heroes. You can watch favorites like Gandalf and Legolas, going up against some of the franchise’s most evil characters like Sauron and Gollum. Each character has unique powers and strategies fitting directly with the whole MOBA gameplay.

For those of you who haven’t been following the game, it plays like many other MOBA-style games, such as DoTA and League of Legends. Players will select from a large swath of heroes and are set into an arena. Using your powers and working with your teammates is essential as you take over control points and attempt to rally your troops to defeat the opposing team.

With the recent release of the game, you can now defeat Sauron and his minions or decimate the forces of good. The game’s intense gameplay is fully demonstrated in the new trailer below.

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