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DreamHoN: Destination DreamHack

DreamHon Dreamhack

Time is running out to register for the DreamHoN: Destination Dreamhack tournament.

Registrations will close 2nd of October for DreamHoN: Destination Dreamhack with the single elimination round to being on the 6th of October.

DreamHoN: Redemption wraps up with Complexity Gaming taking away the winning place but the Heroes of Newerth competitive scene isn’t going away just yet. S2 Games is about to kick off another tournament with no cash prizes but free trips to Dreamhack Winter on the line – DreamHoN: Destination Dreamhack.

The tournament will feature a single-elimination bracket that will decide 16 participants of the group stage format which will then be followed up with no less than three best-of-five match-ups. The three winners of those final matches will be rewarded with an invitation and free trips to Dreamhack Winter.


Registration: 27th September – 2nd October

Single elimination: 6th October – 7th October

Group stage: 8th October – 14th October

Finals: 17th October – 19th October


3 travel stipends of $4,000 each and invitation to participate in DreamHoN at Dreamhack Winter in Jönköping, Sweden 22nd-25th November

The Teams

Complexity has proven themselves the team to beat in two consecutive DreamHoN tournaments, the DreamHoN Online Summer Championships (OSC) and the DreamHoN: Redemption. As they already won a ticket for the team to Dreamhack winter during the OSC, the runner-up of the Redemption tournament Trademark eSports has received the ticket.

[media-credit name=”” align=”aligncenter” width=”600″]DreamHoN Redemption[/media-credit] 

Neither Complexity or Trademark eSports would have anything to gain from the latest tournament Destination Dreamhack which gives three teams the chance at making their way to Sweden for Dreamhack Winter in November.

Some of the big teams  to keep an eye on in this upcoming tournament will be;

Tt eSports

Tt eSports (TteS) after they finished third in Redemption and fourth in OSC. Going from a predominately Oceanic team to what is now mostly American with sLICKz Dreamhon Australia, wytaliba NZ, LeonBlack USA, Moiravus USA and Riser_ USA.

ttes Dreamhack
Tt eSports taking second place at a previous Dreamhack

Q Squad 357

QsQ 357 has made some waves in the latest DreamHoN tournament after making it to stage 3 of the OSC then getting eliminated without a win. Keep and eye on this European team made up of Nox Sweden, Jonassomfan , Style Style Belgium, Malle Malle Finland and sQy Germany, they aren’t finished yet.

For more Heroes of Newerth read up on  the difference between DotA, Lol and HoN. Earlier this year, we caught up with BreakyCPK of and discussed the competitive HoN scene, read or listen to the interview here.

Daniel Ryan
Daniel Ryan
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