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eSports: which game would you turn pro for?

With the continuing growth of eSports around the globe we thought, “Hey why can’t we join in on the squillions of dollars of prize money and fun of playing games for a living?” We posed exactly that question to our staff members, if you could be a pro-gamer, which eSports would you play and why?


Australia doesn’t have the biggest fan-base when it comes to eSports. Being so far away, many Australian teams find it difficult to train against top tier international teams with such a difference in latency. Recently we’ve been seeing more action from the Australian eSports scene with the ESL opening up in Australia and competitive games like Heroes of Newerth and Defense of The Ancients (DotA) 2 offering Australian and South East Asian Matchmaking servers.

After watching some DotA 2: The International tournament I would be tempted to be a pro DotA 2 player and try for the $1Million first place prize. For a game I can actually play and put lots of time into, I would much prefer Heroes of Newerth (HoN). HoN feels more fast paced and the mechanics are well polished.

I don’t think there would be a spot in the eSports scene for Civilisation V (Civ) as the games themselves would go on for weeks at a time. However I would love to play some Civ competitivley, maybe even ten person free-for-all matches where alliances are forged and betrayed through private messages. Could potentially have more drama and betrayal than a reality TV show.

We want in on the fame and glory. Photo of starcraft’s GSL season 3 final.

Senior Stiv:

I’m not big into eSports, but from the games I do know the one game I would love to play for is the upcoming War of the Roses. The rough and tumble medieval warfare Paradox Interactive has been able to emulate looks to  create a new challenge for those who competitively play shooters.

I’ve always wanted a game that could replicate brutal medieval combat. With two recently aired competitions it looks like it will be a perfect fit in the eSports scene.


I follow the League of Legends (LoL) and Starcraft 2 eSports scenes. Both have large followings growing bigger each and every day but  LoL I watch because I enjoy playing the game while Starcraft is the better spectator sport.

Starcraft is the better career choice and while it’s a difficult decision to pick between the two you have to go with what you love.

eSports League of Legends
Definitely room for Blueonblue to make the team

I choose LoL.

Mr Port:

I think, I will go off on the obscure path here and say that whilst I am extremely pro, I don’t know whether I’d want to be a big name on the eSports competitive scene.

What I think I’d prefer, is using my encyclopedic knowledge of games, like Final Fantasy for example, and other RPGs, coupled with all the random facts and information I have about other games, I’d rather be a sort of omniscient guru, helping people get better in their skills and playstyle, or defeating some boss, or finding some rare treasure etc. That sort of thing.

I can even grow the awesome beard that would definitely be required.

If you could be part of the eSports scene what game would you want to play? Or if you are currently in a team, we would love to hear from you. Be sure to check out more gaming with What we’ve been playing.




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