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Red 5 Studios Provides eSports ToolKit For Firefall


There are a plethora of tools shoutcasters can use during competitions, but very few games have provided their own personal set of tools for broadcasters. Red 5 Studios intends on providing such a kit for their new online third-person shooter Firefall.

Now, this toolkit is looking to seriously improve a shoutcasters ability to find those action packed moments by providing access to multiple camera screens. This will allow them to keep an eye on every player to find the most intense pockets of action amongst large numbers of competitive players. These cameras are clickable allowing the broadcaster to line cut in whichever screen is featuring the most action.

They will also be able to use a free-fly cam to move openly throughout the arena by simply using the WASD keys. Broadcasters can access to player records as well. By simply pressing the P key they bring up an individual players card along with all of their records from battles, what types of weapons they prefer and whatever other statistics they are looking for.

All of these options are limited to only the broadcasters, but players, or general observers, can also use the toolkit. Observers will be able to have access to an action cam. With a press of F1 observers will be given a top-down view of the map and automatically find where the most intense action is taking place. The remaining F-keys will switch to static cameras placed at focal points on the map.

Observers can click individual players to follow that particular players camera view. In this mode spectators will be able to shift the camera by simply using the mouse. Spectators will also be given the opportunity to rewind, fast forward and slow down the camera for some spectacular self-replay footage.

The toolkit will be featured at Gamescom Tuesday in the 10,000 euro beta tournament and will be hosted by the Electronics Sporting League. Red 5 Studio’s new toolkit certainly looks to top every other toolkit out there and have Firefall take stage amongst many of the other eSport titles out there.

I’ve provided a video from Red 5 Studio’s eSports Maven Morgan Romine explaining more of how the new toolkit works. Also, you’ll get to see the game in action, which is always a nice plus.



Red 5 Studios Press Release on GamesPress



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