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[Review] Draw Something

As someone that didn’t really get into the Words With Friends thing I felt like I had missed out on something. Something that anyone, other than myself, could enjoy. Why didn’t Words with Friends grab me? Who cares! Now I have found something way better and congratulations, because through association, you have too.

Draw Something from OMGPOP is the latest and greatest iPhone craze since Words with Friends but this time instead of ripping off Scrabble, Pictionary is getting a turn. The premise of the game can be broken down into a very simple four step process.

Find a friend via Facebook, email or random match-up.

  1. Draw something!
  2. Guess what your opponent is trying to draw
  3. Repeat/win


It’s a delightfully simple premise that translates into hours of fun. The feeling of satisfaction gained by communicating with friends in such an organic fashion is addictive and rewarding and the best part is that after you have finished your drawing you can send it off to your opponent, and the app will notify you when they respond with a video playback of your buddy guessing in a real time as your draw the picture. You can see exactly at which point your friend clicks and comprehends what you’re trying to draw. I love it!

Each player is given a choice from an easy, medium or hard word to draw and correctly guessing a word earns you and your buddy coins that can be spent on colour packs (think of them as new pencils) and bombs which can be used to refresh your word list or help you out on a difficult guess. Draw Something even has a free version on the app store so there’s every reason to try it out, however, it is far from a perfect game.

The first and most common criticism is that it is simply too easy. Unlike Pictionary, there is no limit on each players drawing time and when guessing a word, players are provided with all the letters required to spell the answer. Also, there is no opportunity to draw a sentence like “riding a bike” and the number of single words available to choose from seems smaller and smaller as the game goes on.



Draw Something is a new and fresh game that for $0.99 is certainly worth giving a go. You’ll be surprised by how many of your Facebook friends are playing.

Available on Google Play and iTunes.

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