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hero line Wars Starlight

Hero Line Wars Starlight Basics

Hero Line Wars Starlight is a custom Arcade Star Craft 2 Map from Tya that pits two teams against each other.

Teams of 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, or 4v4 choose heroes and send units towards their enemies base, all while defending their own.

Heroes level up and can learn/upgrade abilities, and buy items to hold off the waves of enemy units.

Basic Instructions

  • Pick a hero.
  • Spawn units at your Mercenary Camp (hatchery).
  • Survive units spawned by the enemy team.

How To Win

  • Don’t let enemies reach your beacon.

Advanced Instructions

  • Spawning units increases your income so spawn frequently.
    • Right-click the a unit to auto-send when gold is available.
  • Cheaper units give more income per cost, but also more experience.
  • Make use of potions to survive early.
  • Use your shrine to help if you get overwhelmed.


Buy ability upgrades at merchant locations.

Hero Line Wars Starlight Heroes

The Heroes

Basic Hero Guides

We’re working on fully fleshed out pages for each hero, you can already see their ability names and make some choices based on stats. However if you’re anything like me you haven’t found a ton of information.

It can be frustrating for new players, so we’ve got some basic build guides to get started. These are by no means definitive, but they can be a good place to begin.

Melee builds

  • Ruby Signet -> Tourmaline Signet -> Bloodstone Signet
  • Jade Coil -> Emerald Coil -> Alexandrite Coil
  • Lightforged blade -> Truesilver Champion -> Sunshatter
  • Blood Guard’s Shield -> Blackrock Bullwark -> Hellscream’s Shieldwall
  • Ravager -> Warmonger -> Kang
  • Vampiric Potions

Ranged attack builds

  • 4 x Feathered Dart -> Iceblade Stinger -> Serendipity
  • Ravager -> Warmonger -> Kang
  • Ravager -> Warmonger

Mages who use spells

  • Redpine Stave -> Blood Stave -> San’layn Stave
  • Fel Grimoire -> Grimoire of the Damned ->Grimoire of Medivh
  • Amethyst Band -> Twilight Opal Band -> Dreadstone Band
  • Swiftness Potions,


  • Fel Grimoire -> Grimoire of the Damned ->Grimoire of Medivh
  • Helcurlar’s Rod -> Staff of Dominance -> Apostle of Argus
  • Helcurlar’s Rod -> Staff of Dominance -> Apostle of Argus
  • Amethyst Band -> Twilight Opal Band -> Dreadstone Band
  • Swiftness Potions

Full Hero List

Below are the heroes available in Hero Line War Starlight v2.14

Individual build guides and orders coming soon.

HeroHealthManaDamageRangePassiveQWE( R) Ultimate T
Angel600150186Celestial Fury (Weapon attacks bounce to a second enemy)Quantam RayCosmic ShiftCelestial RadianceExtinction
Heirarch70026MeleePlasma ShieldsLightning DashAstral WindForze of Will (Passive)Resurgence
Ascendant70020MeleePlasma ShieldsDestruction WaveDeadly ChargeAbsorptionDisplacement Beam
Engineer600267Plasma BoltRocket BarrageMissile BatteryDrakken Laser
Infested500266Corrosive BlastSpawn Infested TerransRegeneration AuraAcid Nova
Sniper500308Weapon Damage MasteryRail SnipeEMP GrenadeSharpshooterNuclear Strike
Warlord700180301.25Weapon Damage MasterySmashGround SlamBrute ForceCarnage
Pyrotech75030025MeleePyrocannonPocket FactoryEngineering UpgradeFirestorm Artillery
Dreadstalker80027027MeleeWeapon Damage MasteryTear RealityVoid ShiftSoul ChargeRain of Chaos
Viromancer550270257Virulent CloudCarrion BeetlesSerpent WardHealing SwarmMass Entanglement
Emperor’s Guard75022529MeleeWeapon Damage MasteryBreath of FireWar StompDrunken BrawlerStorm, Earth and Fire
Lunar Mage500400287StarsurgeRune TrapCelestial WrathLunar StrikeMoonbeam
Magma Elemental500270257DoomfireLava SpawnIncinerateVolcano
Fathom Guard70020028MeleeWeapon Damage MasteryBreath of FrostIce BarrierElemental AttendantShield Dome
Tempest5003302912Forked LightningTainted CoreStorm ArrowsTornado
Baron700270282Ability Power MasteryDeath LingersDeadly BondsSoul DrainWriath Form
Diabolist600225226ParasiteBlood BoilLocus NestVoid ZoneDark Gift
Ebon Knight80024030MeleeWeapon Damage MasteryDeath CoilDeath pactFrenzy AuraSoulshatter
Dryad550270236Entangling RootsRegrowthEndurance AuraSplitting Strikes
Revenant70021026MeleeAbility Power MasteryLife DrainImmolationSoul HarvestLocust Swarm
Mountain King85022526MeleeWeapon Damage MasteryStorm boltThunder ClapBashAvatar
Legionnaire70020028MeleeWeapon Damage MasteryDeath StrikeEnslaveVoid ReflexesNether Portal
Necrolyte600225269Raise SkeletonDark GiftCrippling AuraAnimate Dead
Shieldbearer80015018MeleeWeapon Damage MasteryShield ChargeShield BarrierAvengerRallying Cry
Assassin75024035MeleeWeapon Damage MasterySurging StrikeChemical RageEvasionMetamorphosis
Summoner600300246Water ElementalFeral SpiritCommand AuraInferno
Spirit Mage550300256Frost NovaIllusionGuardian WispsAncient KnowledgeMass Dispel
Dawn Priest450300247Lava SurgeSun OrbRadianceNydus Dragon
Captain70027029MeleeAbility Power MasteryHoly LightBlessing of Might (Aura)Devotion AuraRetribution Aura
Voidwalker600300269FlamestrikeHauntDark RitualDoom
Ice Queen550300256BlizzardIce ForrtressBrilliance AuraForzen OrbIce Dagger
Blightbringer800150266Blighted GroundDeath MarchDesecrateTransformation
Garrison1501816Train Priest/Train Sorceress/Train Mortar TeamTrain FootmanTrain RiflemanTrain SpellbreakerTrain KnightCall to Arms
Slayer450300246FirebombFire WallFire GolemMeteorTime Bomb
Phoenix Soul550300256Rain of FireLiving BombElemental AuraPhoenixBanish
Stormkeeper550300247Chain LightningBall LightningEnergy ConduitThunderstorm
Blademaster70024028MeleeWeapon Damage MasteryWind WalkMirror ImageCritical StrikeBladestorm
Sentinel6502252612MultishotForce of NatureSearing StrikesStarfall
Dark Ranger5502252812Haunting WaveBlack StrikeTrueshot AuraCharmRapid Fire
Warden80022532MeleeWeapon Damage MasteryShadow StrikeAssassinateCleaving StrikesVengeance
Witch500200266Pain SpikeCurse of MendingSoul LeechOblivion ShardAnathema
Spectre300226Already DeadSiphon PowerBone ServantsServitude AuraDecrepify

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