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Hero Line Wars Starlight – Hero Build Guides

Hero Line Wars Starlight Basics

Hero Line Wars Starlight is a custom Arcade Star Craft 2 Map from Tya that pits two teams against each other.

Teams of 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, or 4v4 choose heroes and send units towards their enemies base, all while defending their own.

Heroes level up and can learn/upgrade abilities, and buy items to hold off the waves of enemy units.

Basic Instructions

  • Pick a hero.
  • Spawn units at your Mercenary Camp (hatchery).
  • Survive units spawned by the enemy team.

How To Win

  • Don’t let enemies reach your beacon.

Advanced Instructions

  • Spawning units increases your income so spawn frequently.
    • Right-click the a unit to auto-send when gold is available.
  • Cheaper units give more income per cost, but also more experience.
  • Make use of potions to survive early.
  • Use your shrine to help if you get overwhelmed.


Buy ability upgrades at merchant locations.

Hero Line Wars Starlight Heroes
The Heroes

Basic Hero Guides

We’re working on fully fleshed out pages for each hero, you can already see their ability names and make some choices based on stats. However if you’re anything like me you haven’t found a ton of information.

It can be frustrating for new players, so we’ve got some basic build guides to get started. These are by no means definitive, but they can be a good place to begin.

Melee builds

  • Ruby Signet -> Tourmaline Signet -> Bloodstone Signet
  • Jade Coil -> Emerald Coil -> Alexandrite Coil
  • Lightforged blade -> Truesilver Champion -> Sunshatter
  • Blood Guard’s Shield -> Blackrock Bullwark -> Hellscream’s Shieldwall
  • Ravager -> Warmonger -> Kang
  • Vampiric Potions

Ranged attack builds

  • 4 x Feathered Dart -> Iceblade Stinger -> Serendipity
  • Ravager -> Warmonger -> Kang
  • Ravager -> Warmonger

Mages who use spells

  • Redpine Stave -> Blood Stave -> San’layn Stave
  • Fel Grimoire -> Grimoire of the Damned ->Grimoire of Medivh
  • Amethyst Band -> Twilight Opal Band -> Dreadstone Band
  • Swiftness Potions,


  • Fel Grimoire -> Grimoire of the Damned ->Grimoire of Medivh
  • Helcurlar’s Rod -> Staff of Dominance -> Apostle of Argus
  • Helcurlar’s Rod -> Staff of Dominance -> Apostle of Argus
  • Amethyst Band -> Twilight Opal Band -> Dreadstone Band
  • Swiftness Potions

Full Hero List

Below are the heroes available in Hero Line War Starlight v2.14

Individual build guides and orders coming soon.

Hero Health Mana   Damage Range   Passive Q W E ( R) Ultimate  T
Angel 600 150   18 6   Celestial Fury (Weapon attacks bounce to a second enemy) Quantam Ray Cosmic Shift Celestial Radiance Extinction  
Heirarch 700     26 Melee   Plasma
Lightning Dash Astral Wind Forze of Will (Passive) Resurgence  
Ascendant 700     20 Melee   Plasma
Destruction Wave Deadly Charge Absorption Displacement Beam  
Engineer 600     26 7     Plasma Bolt Rocket Barrage Missile Battery Drakken Laser  
Infested 500     26 6     Corrosive Blast Spawn Infested Terrans Regeneration Aura Acid Nova  
Sniper 500     30 8   Weapon Damage Mastery Rail Snipe EMP Grenade Sharpshooter Nuclear Strike  
Warlord 700 180   30 1.25   Weapon Damage Mastery Smash Ground Slam Brute Force Carnage  
Pyrotech 750 300   25 Melee     Pyrocannon Pocket Factory Engineering Upgrade Firestorm Artillery  
Dreadstalker 800 270   27 Melee   Weapon Damage Mastery Tear Reality Void Shift Soul Charge Rain of Chaos  
Viromancer 550 270   25 7     Virulent Cloud Carrion Beetles Serpent Ward Healing Swarm Mass Entanglement
Emperor’s Guard 750 225   29 Melee   Weapon Damage Mastery Breath of Fire War Stomp Drunken Brawler Storm, Earth and Fire  
Lunar Mage 500 400   28 7     Starsurge Rune Trap Celestial Wrath Lunar Strike Moonbeam
Magma Elemental 500 270   25 7     Doomfire Lava Spawn Incinerate Volcano  
Fathom Guard 700 200   28 Melee   Weapon Damage Mastery Breath of Frost Ice Barrier Elemental Attendant Shield Dome  
Tempest 500 330   29 12     Forked Lightning Tainted Core Storm Arrows Tornado  
Baron 700 270   28 2   Ability Power Mastery Death Lingers Deadly Bonds Soul Drain Wriath Form  
Diabolist 600 225   22 6     Parasite Blood Boil Locus Nest Void Zone Dark Gift
Ebon Knight 800 240   30 Melee   Weapon Damage Mastery Death Coil Death pact Frenzy Aura Soulshatter  
Dryad 550 270   23 6     Entangling Roots Regrowth Endurance Aura Splitting Strikes  
Revenant 700 210   26 Melee   Ability Power Mastery Life Drain Immolation Soul Harvest Locust Swarm  
Mountain King 850 225   26 Melee   Weapon Damage Mastery Storm bolt Thunder Clap Bash Avatar  
Legionnaire 700 200   28 Melee   Weapon Damage Mastery Death Strike Enslave Void Reflexes Nether Portal  
Necrolyte 600 225   26 9     Raise Skeleton Dark Gift Crippling Aura Animate Dead  
Shieldbearer 800 150   18 Melee   Weapon Damage Mastery Shield Charge Shield Barrier Avenger Rallying Cry  
Assassin 750 240   35 Melee   Weapon Damage Mastery Surging Strike Chemical Rage Evasion Metamorphosis  
Summoner 600 300   24 6     Water Elemental Feral Spirit Command Aura Inferno  
Spirit Mage 550 300   25 6     Frost Nova Illusion Guardian Wisps Ancient Knowledge Mass Dispel
Dawn Priest 450 300   24 7     Lava Surge Sun Orb Radiance Nydus Dragon  
Captain 700 270   29 Melee   Ability Power Mastery Holy Light Blessing of Might (Aura) Devotion Aura Retribution Aura  
Voidwalker 600 300   26 9     Flamestrike Haunt Dark Ritual Doom  
Ice Queen 550 300   25 6     Blizzard Ice Forrtress Brilliance Aura Forzen Orb Ice Dagger
Blightbringer 800 150   26 6     Blighted Ground Death March Desecrate Transformation  
Garrison 150   18 16   Train Priest/Train Sorceress/Train Mortar Team Train Footman Train Rifleman Train Spellbreaker Train Knight Call to Arms
Slayer 450 300   24 6     Firebomb Fire Wall Fire Golem Meteor Time Bomb
Phoenix Soul 550 300   25 6     Rain of Fire Living Bomb Elemental Aura Phoenix Banish
Stormkeeper 550 300   24 7     Chain Lightning Ball Lightning Energy Conduit Thunderstorm  
Blademaster 700 240   28 Melee   Weapon Damage Mastery Wind Walk Mirror Image Critical Strike Bladestorm  
Sentinel 650 225   26 12     Multishot Force of Nature Searing Strikes Starfall  
Dark Ranger 550 225   28 12     Haunting Wave Black Strike Trueshot Aura Charm Rapid Fire
Warden 800 225   32 Melee   Weapon Damage Mastery Shadow Strike Assassinate Cleaving Strikes Vengeance  
Witch 500 200   26 6     Pain Spike Curse of Mending Soul Leech Oblivion Shard Anathema
Spectre 300   22 6   Already Dead Siphon Power Bone Servants Servitude Aura Decrepify  
Daniel Ryan
Daniel Ryan
Daniel 'Sheriff Dan' Ryan is a long time Dungeon Master who has worked in Esports, Marketing, and writes about Gaming when the sun goes down.


  1. Hi, Casual noob here.

    First I want to thank you for putting so much time into this. Most noobs stay noobs because they dont have anything to learn from.

    Now for some fixes:

    1) It is called a Mercenary camp not a hatchery
    2) The attack damage section does not have 6 items, you are missing the kang and vampiric potions
    3) The spell caster section does not have 6 items, you are missing kirin’tor, swiftness potions, and Argus
    4) The summoner section does not have 6 items, you are missing dalaran, another apostle, and swiftness potions
    5) You mention garrison but dont say that he has the same “status” as spectre

    Anyway keep up the good work!

    • Great feedback,

      1) Updated
      2) Updated
      3) Will update when I can get in the game and read the full upgrade path for the Kirin’tor
      4) Same with Dalaran Tome
      5) Good point, Garrison and Spectre have (–) for health, Gary has a bunch of stuff in the table already… so I will look to rethink the layout a bit.

      Thank you very much,



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