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PAX Australia 2016 Map of Expo Hall and Theatre Layout


PAX Australia less than a month away so you’ll need these PAX AUS 2016 maps to get planning your weekend.

The biggest gaming expo to come Down Under is taking over the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC) once again.

Those familiar with the previous years of PAX at MCEC will notice most things are in the same place. Though in the Exhibition Centre itself, the Tabletop area has been pushed closer to the Expo Hall.

The Freeplay and BYOC areas are up against the far wall of ‘Jeff’s Shed’ allowing for easy access along the throughput corridor.

PAX Aus Expo Hall and Tabletop


[Click to enlarge]

A quick look through the Expo Hall map has most of the big names you’d expect like Nintendo, Playstation, Xbox, and the massive PAX Rising area. So if you’re looking for the big names or even Aussie indie darlings you’re covered.

Oddly, some booths are noticeably absent. Wargaming.net has had a massive booth and presence at all the PAX Australia expo halls in previous years. They appear to be missing from this lineup.

League of Legends was absent from the Expo Hall for PAX Aus 2015 as they wanted to focus on their upcoming Aussie eSports league, The Oceanic Pro League (OPL). Riot has been talking up its presence for PAX Aus 2016 with announcements of Panels to do with eSports and League of Legends, however when Non-Fiction Gaming reached out for confirmation on a possible Riot Booth we received no response.

In the space vacated by these two heavyweights we see the ‘PAX Arena – Presented by Zen Esports Network’. So expect more eSports action this year front and centre.

Full PAX Australia 2016 Map

Here’s the full map for PAX AUS 2016. Where will you be spending most of your time?

PAX Australia 2016 Full Map

[Click to enlarge]

Alternately you can download a PDF of the map here. Once again as we get closer to the start of November the PAX Hype starts building.

Some of the Non-Fiction Gaming team will be pounding the convention floor chatting with developers. I’ll be running some Dungeons and Dragons in the Diversity Lounge. If there’s anything in particular you’d like us to cover, please comment or reach out on social media.

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