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Mad Max Review

Mad Max boasts a wide array of mechanics, from fierce vehicular warfare to well oiled hand to hand combat. At times, these mechanics often attempt to fuse with one another, causing clunky gameplay.

Mad Max

Platforms: PlayStation 4. Xbox One, PC

Developer: Avalanche Studios

Publisher: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

Price: $27.77 (Gamefanshop)

Welcome to the Road

Max’s journey to the Plains of Silence takes an unexpected turn when a group of marauders run him off the road and commandeer his car. Max must traverse the barren desert Wasteland in search for his lost treasured vehicle, The Interceptor and thwart the imposing Warlord whom resides there, Scrotus.

However throughout his strenuous journey to recover his prized Interceptor, he meets a deformed mechanic named Chumbucket who helps him in his endeavors by repairing his car, or acting as a lookout adding to the title’s array of companion oriented features.


Though Max’s choice weapon may be his shotgun, ammo in the desolate wasteland is scarce and the player is often obligated to resort to the games crude and brutal hand to hand combat system, in which players are able to compose an array of new and vicious moves permitting players to swiftly abolish their high level foes. Also making its debut throughout these sequences is ability to forge an array of weapons and melee aids, such as the Thundepoon. This aptly named weapon can be lodged into an enemy marauder causing them to explode into a vile concoction of blood, as well as unlocking secretive stashes, and quelling the vicious sound of war criers.


However where Mad Max truly shines is as players partake in ferocious vehicular combat, as the game offers up a vast array of unique weapons, from the terrifying flamethrowers, to the simple but effective gattling guns. In order to aid players in their often fatal endeavors the game offers up the ability to simultaneously drive and aim, as the game enters a slow motion mode that allows them to swiftly transition between targets, making warfare far more accessible to new coming players.

As well this advantageous mechanic the player has the ability to hijack enemy vehicles and dismantle them allowing you to use the scrap that the car drops to upgrade your Magnum Opus and it’s weapons, as well as employing them as illicit disguises in order to attain access to an array of secret and restricted zones, each possessing an array of enticing new goods.

It is also worth noting, upgrading one aspect of a car will drastically affect another, for example upgrading the car’s steering will hinder its speed and vice versa, obligating players to consistently alter their car in order to suit the area they reside in at that specific moment. Thankfully due to Chum Bucket’s omnipotent crafting abilities, players are able to forge an extensive arsenal of upgrades and weapons pertaining to both Max and the Magnum Opus whilst trawling through the wasteland’s exasperating zones, making combat drastically easier to combat.

Scrotus... yep.
Scrotus… yep.

Mad Max’s landscape is composed of vast open deserts, imposing canyons, and a zone named the Big Nothing. Throughout the game players are profusely prompted to enter this volatile area in an attempt to retrieve rare weapons and large stashes of gasoline. However vicious tornadoes and vile bandits plague this zone making it incredibly hard to abscond with your loot.


Throughout the players quest they will commandeer a vast array of rare and valuable minerals, many of which they sell on to small bandit clans, or established bases. Though the larger bases and clans will offer up a substantial reimbursement, coming to the aid of more meager bases and survivors will gain you their unconditional trust, which will in turn offer up an array of enticing and unique rewards such as weapons and vehicles.


Though your initial venture into the devastating Wasteland proves to be a memorable one, exploration soon becomes tiresome and tedious, as you are obligated to repeat the same route constantly.

To combat this issue the game also offers up the ability to ally with friendly bandit factions who have carved a meager existence in the Wasteland, and aid them in their survival, making for intense side quests and riveting action sets.

MadMax_Vehicular Combat

The game also offers various riveting and intense side quests ranging from your generic fetch quest, to a revamped and mysterious variation of tower climbing. However despite their variation, side quests often become tedious and boring profusely obligating the player to perform recurring tasks.

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