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Deus Ex Mankind Divided Release Date Unveiled


Acclaimed publisher, Square Enix, has today unveiled that the latest iteration in the technologically enveloped Deus Ex saga, is slated to make its global debut in the encroaching months of February 23rd 2016.

Deus Ex Mankind Divided will see gamers traverse the segregation inundated plains of the US, in which players will be tasked with forging a myriad of illicit new weapons and allies, in order to quell their shrouded adversaries, and liberate their allies, whom lie strewn throughout their meager prisons.

Pre-Orders and Collectors Edition

Sony have even put together a special program called “Augment your pre-order”. It will let you choose the digital pre-order bonuses for the Day One edition of the game, selected from five different tiers which will unlock progressively.

You can of course take part in this program by pre-ordering the game through PlayStation Store.

Deus ex mankind divided collectors edition

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