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Bonus Zombies, Extra Gore! The Evil Within: The Assignment

Major Next-Gen Horror, The Evil Within, is Set to Spook Players Again with March 10 release of The Assignment DLC

When I heard that The Evil Within was finally getting its additions, I was filled with doubt. I made no secret about the fact that I was supremely underwhelmed by the game.

It wasn’t scary, it forgot to add stealth, and somehow still felt more like Splinter Cell than horror. But I realised that even if I didn’t enjoy the game, slaughtering zombies with an explosive crossbow would still appeal to many. Those are the people to whom this DLC will appeal.

The Evil Within Assignment

The promise of more hasn’t exactly inspired me. Bethesda have released a trailer for the upcoming expansion to The Evil Within. The Assignment is the first of two additions that allow players to take on the role of Juli Kidman – the protagonist’s partner from the main game.

Kidman’s story will finally fill in many of the holes from the title. I know I was asking myself where the hell she happened to piss off to throughout the game. She only turned up when she needed rescuing and promptly she would disappear again. Hopefully playing through The Assignment and its follow-up pack The Consequence will answer some of the audience’s questions.

The Evil Within Assignment 3

A 1-minute long trailer showcases some new enemies and teases new mysterious horrors. Axes, chases, monsters, laboratories, and a shadowy figure with an ominous voice. All staples of the genre. The Assignment ticks the boxes so far; but, then again, so did the trailers of The Evil Within itself.

For gamers keen to get their scare on, The Assignment will be available on the tenth of March. For anyone still undecided, totally check out the trailer below.

If that’s not enough for you, Bethesda will be running a livestream of The Assignment on their twitch channel on March 6, 4pm E.T.



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