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A Second Look At Dying Light

Dying Light is as expected- a much more polished version of Dead Island along with a huge open world that you will more than likely become very engrossed within.

Once night arrives the terrifying nocturnal zombies emerge.

Dying Light Review

Developer: Techland

Publisher: Warner bros. Interactive Entertainment

Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC

Price: From $42.99 ( – PC) to $71.99(Aus – PC)

Note: We also have a video review of Dying Light if you’re looking for a second opinion.


The Beginning of the End

As you enter the vicious world of Dying Light you are greeted by a global news broadcast revolving around the city of Harran after it has been decimated by a ravenous virus. Following this vicious outbreak, the government have made the decision to immediatel erect an imposing wall around the city transforming it into a quarantine zone, rife with death and destruction.

However, to maintain the quarantine survivors’ health, the government began to profusely drop loot boxes inside of  the city, these crates will harbor food, medication and most importantly, Antazin. Antazin is Dying Light’s answer to zombrex, meaning it prolongs the ravaging symptoms of the Harran virus for a short amount of time, but still needs a booster every few hours obligating you to locate the various anatazin drops.

The End Is Nigh

When it comes the Zombie Apocalypse genre developers have very rarely ventured from their comfort zone, however in 2011 when Dead Island was released it accommodated a riveting open world, alongside unique zombie killing action, making it the perfect option for Dying Light’s structure.

Following the gameplay mechanics of Dead Island co op is inserted into Dying Light’s vast world after the completion of the mandatory opening sequence. However despite the fact that this fragment of gameplay mirrors the Dead Island series, Dying Light vastly capitalizes on both the mechanics of Dead Island as well as the formula of numerous other zombie plagued games such as Left 4 Dead.

Throughout the game you will encounter both enemy humans and ravenous zombies.

Lots to Get Done Before the World Ends

You play as an undercover GRE agent named Kyle Crane who is tasked with taking down a vile warlord caught up in the zombie infested city. This warlord who goes by the menacing name of Rais, possesses what is the only known research that possesses the ability to halt the Harran virus and cure all who are afflicted by it.

The instant you touch down you encounter one of the vast types of infected and proceed to become bitten, however before you are eliminated a group of stunning free runners dispatch of the brain craving undead and take your unconscious body to a “Safe Zone” in which the free running faction resides.

More Bang for Your Buck

When it comes to weapons, Dying Light possesses a vast variety, ranging from a cliché spike bat to an electrified sickle, however your biggest and most crucial weapon is your free running abilities, these give you an edge against your infected foes and rival human survivors.

As in most open world adventure games, you have the ability to upgrade your free running abilities to the point where you will be able to scale immense buildings, and take down larger numbers of zombies with your bare hands.

There are numerous types of zombies, ranging from the swift virals, to the ranged acidic spitters.

At any point if your fatal injuries get the better of you, you will awaken in a near by safe zone illuminated by a flurry of UV lighting. Throughout the game you will have the ability to enable these safe zones that will act as a safe haven both through the savage nights and harsh days.

Throughout the night, the once brain craving walkers will transform into ravaging infected that retain the ability to run at great speeds, and posses very few weaknesses.

Plenty to See

Despite the fact the game accommodates a firm storyline, Dying Light, alongside Dead Island, still allows you to explore the game’s vast and riveting open world. This open world accomodates a vast array of quest ranging from your regular collection task, to collection meteors to stop an ” alien invasion”.

As well as these rivreting quests the open world possesses a vast variety of collectibles, a wide variety of mysterious locked buildings, and hunt down the supply drops that the outside world send in to aid the determined survivors that remain in the devastated city.

Conclusion: 8/10


Dying Light offers up a firm story accompanied by intense parkour abilities, allowing for riveting traversal of the map as well as intense action sequences that will result in you gripping the edge of your seat until you retreat to safety.

If you’re looking for another view of Dying Light, check out our Dying Light video review. Creators of Dying Light, Techland asked for reviews to be as transparent as possible, how have you found ours? Let us know in the comments below.

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