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Hyrule Warriors Majora’s Mask DLC Delayed, Characters Revealed

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Hyrule Warriors‘ final two DLC packs, Majora’s Mask and Boss Battle, have been delayed for a month. Originally slated for January and February releases respectively, they are now expected to drop in February and March.


The Majora’s Mask DLC is the third pack themed on a previous title in the Zelda franchise. Following on from the Master Quest and Twilight Princess packs, this add-on brings new characters, costumes, and a map for the game’s Adventure Mode. Fan-favoured character, the Skull Kid, will not be making an appearance in the game. This makes the Majora’s Mask DLC much more contentious than the previous two releases. Instead the Skull Kid will be featured as an alternate costume for Lana; and Impa and Sheik will be sporting their Ocarina of Time gear.


Characters making their returns as playable in this update include Young Link and Tingle. Okay, no one really cares that Tingle was playable before. Little is known so far about how these two fighters perform but it has been revealed that Young Link will take advantage of the Fierce Deity Mask: a transformation that made the final boss fight a cakewalk. Tingle has been said to fight using a heavy sack of ruppees and balloon magic.


Although players will need to wait until February to get their hands on the next saga in their Hyrule Warriors adventure, the wait isn’t nearly as long as it could be. Majora’s Mask DLC will be available for download on the 5th of February while Boss Modes’ exact release date is yet to be confirmed. I’m not entirely convinced the DLC was not delayed to support the release of Majora’s Mask 3DS which will be coming our way on Valentine’s Day+


What DLC most excites you about Hyrule Warriors? Is it still going strong in your Wii U or are you waiting for something new before picking it up again?



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