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Yager Go In Depth About Dead Island 2

Dead Island 2

With Dead Island 2‘s release date slowly approaching Deep Silver Creative Producer Jan Eric Lauble shed some light on the game in an interview with IGN. In the interview he explained why Yager chose California as one of their locations.

Lauble stated- “With the original Dead Island, we created the contrast of beautiful locations and the chaos of a zombie apocalypse. We allowed players to kill zombies on a tropical island where you normally would like to take your vacation. So for the sequel we wanted to capture the same spirit again and California is the perfect place to achieve this.”

Dead Island 2 will be set across a wide variety of locations ranging from down town California to the world renowned Beverly Hills and is set to offer up a unique and seamless co-op experience that will be able to support up to 8 players.

Lauble continued- “The updated combat system offers way more control and possibilities and the weapon categories offer more variety through different attack types. And new additional features such as the dual wield system provide creative new ways for the player to slaughter zombies.”

“The crafting system got improved a lot as well. Players are now able to craft and repair their weapons whenever and wherever they want to avoid annoying backtracking and the new modification system allows players to apply more than one mod to a weapon so they have more freedom when creating their personal zombie slayer.”

Dead Island 2 is slated for Spring 2015 release for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

Source: IGN

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