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World Of Warcraft’s 10th anniversary gifts

World of Warcraft Aniversary

The 10th anniversary for Blizzard’s MMO World Of Warcraft and to commemorate the games creation the developers will be handing out plenty of great gifts.

Included will be a unique deathmatch that revolves around the tension between Southshore and Tarren Mill and will be split in two. One will be for level 90 to 99 players and one for level 100 players. Completing this deathmatch will earn you a unique new title which will be either  Southshore Slayer for the Horde or Tarren Mill Terror for the Alliance.

Blizzard have also revealed that the game will be getting these gifts today and they will last all the way up until January 6th next year. Players who are online for the anniversary celebration will be getting a Molten Corgi pet which is as the name says a lava puppy.

Another celebration is a raid in Molten Core for level 100s and will reward the participants with a beastly core hound mount that will have 100% drop chance.




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