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Slowbro Next in Line for Mega Evolution

Already Famous in the Meme Circle, Slowbro Just Got Even Cooler

Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby Versions have brought a series of new mega-evolutions. The first two of course being the titular Kyogre and Groudon. Now, however, Slowbro has been added to the list of Pokemon to be updated in the new games. Mega-evolutions were revealed in Pokemon X and Y. They can be performed while in battle by using mega stones.

Mega-evolved Pokemon get some stat and ability changes. In some cases the Pokemon can even change one of its types. For example, Charizardite X converts the Fire/Flying Pokemon into Fire/Dragon. Though, according to Game Freak, Slowbro will retain both its Water- and its Psychic-types.

What is exciting is that most mega-evolutions have a base stat total of over 100 points higher than the original forms. Base stats are the fundamental values that are used to calculate a Pokemon’s stats at any level. For those unfamiliar with the notion should just know that 100 extra base stat points is a tremendous bonus to a Pokemon’s power.


Slowbro original
Sweet and unassuming, Slowbro hardly looks like a fighter

Announced at the Pokemon World Championships, Mega Slowbro is set to become the immovable object of the Pokemon world. The Shellder attached to Slowbro’s tail grows and bolsters its defensive properties.

Slowbro gains the Shell Armour ability, which prevents opponents from scoring critical hits. His defense and special attack stats also get some boosts.

Mega Slowbro
In super Shellder armour, Mega Slowbro is battle-ready

As a Water-type, Slowbro was already a defensive powerhouse. Its Psychic-type side provides it with a well-placed resistance to Fighting-type moves. The trailer highlights the mega-evolution’s ability to take hits like a champ and, with its improved special attack, fire back with aplomb.


Get Set for All-New Mega-Evolutions in 3DS & 2DS’ Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire on November 21, 2014!




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