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Wasteland 2 Gets August Release Date

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The long awaited Wasteland 2 has been funded properly as a Kickstarter project since 2012 and in beta for quite some time. But, the time has finally come: inXile Entertainment has finally set an official launch date to the expansive post-apocalyptic sequel.

Wasteland 2 has spent over seven months in beta to get it fine tuned and now the full version will be released with the slightly more specific time period of the end of August. While there isn’t any specified release date it is good to see the game is finally nearing the finish line of completion.

It will also be impressive to see the full extent of the games content. As of right now Wasteland 2’s Steam early-access features the entire Arizona area of the map. When I spent time playing the game this section is already fairly large, so seeing how expansive the complete over world is, allows one to imagine the number places players will be able to explore in the wasteland.

If you can’t wait for the release date to pick up Wasteland 2, go to Steam and, as I mentioned above, purchase the early access beta to start your adventures in the wasteland today.


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