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Don’t Starve Together Lets Us Starve…Together

Don’t Starve has been testing players virtual survival skills, seeing how long we can last out in its eerie wilderness. Players even had to deal with several deadly giants in the Reign of Giants DLC all on their own. But after all of these years of surviving on our own Klei Entertainment will bring players to not starve together.

don't starve farming


Don’t Starve Together will be a free expansion for the game and will bring, the once unlikely, multiplayer to Don’t StarveYes, Klei Entertainment at one time or another had intended on making one of the best single player experiences out there, even going so far as to avoid talking about implementing the mode. However, as it became a much talked about issue it seems Klei ultimately decided to take on the task of creating the new multiplayer expansion.

Don’t Starve Together is expected to allow up to 2-4 players to survive together. Many of the same features will be available from single player and possibly some new ones specifically built for the multiplayer mode. Much of it is still a work in progress at this point, but in their forum post Klei did state that they would be trying to get an alpha build into players hands hopefully late this summer. Klei will maintain forums much like they did with the original Don’t Starve and Reign of Giants DLC to take in feedback on the expansion.

I really can’t wait to sate my appetite on this game haha…sorry, I’ll let myself out.




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