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Pokémon X And Y Review

Pokémon X and Y Review – Anthony Gabb

It was in 1998 that Pokémon exploded onto the TV screen and made every child scream bloody murder to get their hands on anything Pokémon related especially the Pokémon Red  game released for the original Gameboy Pocket. It’s funny after all these years grown men still swing on their mothers arms just begging to point of insanity almost ready to rip their hair out to nothing  saying they want the current Pokémon X and Y releases, well I don’t blame them, who wouldn’t want Pokémon X and Y? Especially since it’s been redefined in 3D.


Pokémon X and Y centers around a new Pokémon Master that is located in the new Kalos Region. He sets out not only to become a Pokémon Master but to learn more of one of the games new evolution/combat mechanic’s, Mega-Evolution, which is the ability to evolve final staged Pokémon but more on that later.

Pokémon X


Typically Pokémon X and Y is scripted the same way as most of the previous Pokémon titles; wake up, change from pajamas, go down stairs, tell mum your leaving her forever to become a Pokémon Master, get the surprising answer, “Yes, follow your dreams,” collect Pokémon and Pokédex from professor, say, “Bye” to mum, go become a Pokémon master as well in the process save the world from being destroyed by intergalactic named criminals.


Pokémon X and Y’s gameplay stays traditional to the leveling up system’s and the thoughtful process of keeping and getting rid of learnt attacks, however it has undertaken some very major changes particularly the re-imagining of the overall Pokémon world. Yeah, there’s the obvious such as a new storyline, player, Pokémon but the main eye catcher comes from the fact that Pokémon is now FINALLY IN 3D! AND IT’S AMAZING! The visual gameplay reminds me closely to Final Fantasy IV previously released on the NDS.


Pokémon X and Y has adapted onto character customization but not to the extent like Skyrim or Fire Emblem Awakening, but just minor details such as face color. Not only can the player’s facial coloring be changed but the title has also introduced the ability to update the players walking wardrobe. New clothes can be bought from shops located in different towns around the game.

Pokémon X


Graphics in combat are extremely detailed; the fighting stances and movement of Pokémon are far more intriguing than the 2D versions. Even while inflicting damage on other Pokémon you can see the expressions of them getting hit as well as fainting, which makes you shed tear at times. The graphics in executing an attack are also visually incredible – My personal favorite is Delphox’s Flame Charge.


One of Pokémon’s most entertaining features is the new Pokémon horde feature, which has groups of up to six wild Pokémon attack you at once, which helps you in obtaining considerably a medium amount of experience points and helps level up Pokémon quicker. As well a new sky battle feature has been introduced, which sees your flying Pokémon engage in aerial combat.

Pokémon X


Pokémon X and Y have included a new battle features that introduces a new three-way battle system, which sees both trainers simultaneously use three Pokémon in battle at once, which is quite intriguing and tends to rake in loads of experience points, if a player uses an all effect attack move such as Earthquake.


Mega-Evolution is the new evolution/combat mechanic in the game. It allows a final staged Pokémon to temporarily evolve not into a new Pokémon but into an upgraded version of itself, however Mega-Evolutions can only occur in battle when a Pokémon is equipped with a Mega-Stone that’s specifically made for that Pokémon. As well the player will also need to be equipped with a Mega Ring, which is found later on in the game.

The player can use Mega- Evolution as many times as he/she likes but only one Mega-Evolution can be used per battle.

Pokémon X


Pokémon Amie is a mode that allows the player to interact with their Pokémon sort of like the Pokémon Version of Nintendogs. This mode allows the player to build a better bond with  their Pokémon, which greatly benefits in battles mainly in gaining more experience points and the ability to dodge oncoming attacks, and automatically heal from status manipulating moves. As well it also is an easier way to evolve Pokémon that require a high happiness rating.


Pokémon X and Y also introduces a new type of Pokémon called Fairy Types, which sounds a bit…meh… but they’re are a tough bunch of fighters and are extremely super effective against dragon types.

Pokémon X Pokemon


To further help train Pokémon, Pokémon X and Y have included Super Training Mode, which allows trainers to further develop Pokémon to become stronger by part taking in mini-games that enhance their fighting stats.


Pokémon X and Y’s very simple and smooth controls are still intact, particularly the very straight forward display of combat and overall play through controls are simple enough for amateurs or new comers to the series to understand. Just a tap on the screen and the movement of the joystick is all there is to it.


Pokémon X and Y has also adapted onto a new camera system. Previously Pokémon’s in game camera was played through from sky view, Pokémon X and Y now has an auto-adjusting camera that adjusts throughout the playing experience. The new camera works well but in terms of exploring, it can be annoying, particularly during on sea exploration the camera would be better off staying in sky view, however in combat battles the new camera shots are well fitted and really uplifts the overall battle experience.

Pokemon X Pokémon Y


Pokémon X and Y’s soundtrack is so bubbly that it uplifts the games overall experience and really gets you into the mood of wanting to go on the adventure. From jazzy to eerie tracks you’ll be feeling all kinds of things along with the adventure.


Pokémon’s multiplayer has undergone some updating particularly the Player Search System introduced in Pokémon Black and White, which is updated making sharing items, battling and connecting and trading with other trainers across the globe much more efficient and easier. As well Pokémon X and Y has introduced a new three-way Pokémon battle, which sees both trainers use three Pokémon at once, similar to the three-way battles included in the campaign.

Pokémon X


As in all Pokémon games there is still much to do after you complete the main campaign; particularly the search for high leveled legendary Pokémon, Mega Stones, TM’s, special items, as well as the further development of Pokémon. As well a new battle mansion that is unlocked after beating the campaign.

Pokémon X

OVERALL {rating}

Hands down Pokémon X and Y is by far the best Pokémon game and experience. It is well worth its price and is so addictive. If you don’t own a copy you should be shot… well maybe not shot but it’s definitely worth having as part of the 3DS collection.

10/10 by far one of the best 3DS titles of 2013.

Pokémon X And Y have a a new Anime released, ‘Pokemon Origins’ takes you back to the early Red and Green days.

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