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Wildlife Preservation Bloodwing Pt. 2

Wildlife Preservation Bloodwing is outta control.wildlife preservation bloodwing

As soon as you enter the Wildlife Preservation interior, you’ll find a health vendor and an ammo vendor right at the entrance. Restock and heal up as there is more fighting to do. Fight your way through the ruins and you come to a clearing with a giant mushroom and a bridge spanning across the river to the Specimen Maintenance building. This place also houses the holding cells where Bloodwing is being held. Hyperion isn’t going to make this easy for you, however. Several Hyperion loaders land in the clearing and will start assaulting you. Bring some corrosive weapons for all of them and any explosive weapons to deal with the PWR loaders.

The last wave will feature a Super Badass loader. Your best course of action here is to kill any remaining normal loaders to focus all of your attention on the Super Badass loader. When he falls make your way across the bridge to the holding cells. Mordecai comes over the ECHO to inform you Bloodwing is in one of these cells. There are several gruff creature, but with them being behind forced field covered cells there’s no need to worry. Before you head into Bloodwing’s holding cell check the room on the right to gather some supplies as well as opening a gun chest.

wildlife preservation bloodwing[]

Hit the button to Bloodwings room only to find Jack has moved her to a different location. Leave the room and find her fast before they can do anymore experimentation on the poor bird. However, laeving the room makes Jack take drastic measaures. He lowers the shields to the cells allowing every nasty beast out. Most are easy to kill, but there will be a couple badass elemental verisions of skags to contend with. Take them out as quick as possible before they allow lower level skags from gaining those same attributes.

When all of the creatures are dealt with leave the cells by the south exit. You’ll come to a destroyed walkway over looking the a river and a lot of stalkers. Use a shock weapon to destory those shields and take them down fast. A tougher breed of stalker called cyclone stalkers will show up throwing dangerous spikes and using a powerful spin move which can fling your bullets right back at you. Head north to a set of stairs that lead to another bridge over the stalker preserve.

wildlife preservation bloodwing[]

You’ll come down the otherside to another open area this time it’s filled with skags instead of stalkers. Most are easy but there will be one badass elemental skag to contend with. Head towards the next facility building. A group of Hyperion soldiers will prevent your entry, but they’re easy and you’ll have them down in no time. Keep fighting through the facility which will be loaded with Hyperion soldiers and bots. You’ll eventually find yourself on the second floor and right near the area where Bloodwing is being held. To reach it you will need to take an elevator in the eastern section of the room. Mordecai gives a warning saying Hyperion will use the toughest badass they have to protect Bloodwing.

You’ll be lowered into the Observation Wing arena and the doors in the floor will open to reveal the badass you’ll be taking on. Unfortunately, it’s someone you know…

wildlife preservation bloodwing[]

Boss: Slagged Bloodwing

The slag experiments jack has been performing on Bloodwing have turned her into a gigantic version of herself and she has every elemental type at her disposal. The fight will begin with her in slag form. Not far into dealing some initial damage Bloodwing will take an incendiary form. Watch out for her claw attack and dive bomb attacks. When she is weakened enough she will take to the ground and breath fire at you. Remember, to use a normal weapon or any other elemental weapon besides fire to deliver full damage. Do the same for the other elemental changes Bloodwing goes through. After fire will come shock and after that will come corrosive blood wing.

You may need to contend with some skags from time to time, but they’re very low level, so a well placed grenade as they’re coming through the door should take care of them before the beasts become a distraction. After weakening Blood Wing enough, Mordecai will shoot a tranquilizer dart into her. With her out cold you can take the microchip from here neck to give to Claptrap. Sadly, Jack also set a triggered explosive to it as well killing her. Heart-wrenching.

There will be time for revenge later. Take the microchip to Sanctuary and find Claptrap to install the upgrade. With him already go, you’ll now be able to get through the first barrier in reaching Angel and the Vault Key. Find Roland and the rest of the gang in mourning to turn in the quest.


Money: 4 eridium

Experience: 7054



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