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[PAX AUS] The Protomen Continue To Light Up The Australian Night

After putting on an amazing show to the lucky few at PAX Australia, American rock band The Protomen continue to bring their rock opera stylings to the people of Melbourne with two more shows before heading to Sydney.


As part of their 2013 Australian tour, The Protomen will be hitting the Evelyn Hotel in Melbourne for two more nights. According to fans they are an unstoppable force of rock n’ roll awesome.

When asked about their Oceanic fans, The Protomen mentioned the cheering and singing is in an Australian accent but with everyone rocking out it’s hard to tell.

On Tuesday July 23rd The Protomen will don the silver makeup and masks to pump out the first album in the rock opera loosely based on the Megaman video game series. ACT I follows the story of Protoman, Dr Light and Megaman living in the dystopic future. You don’t have to be a fan of Megaman or even heard of the blue bomber to appreciate the unique mix of hard rock and chiptune.


The very next night The Protomen will follow-up with ACT II; a prequel of the story detailing Dr Wily and Dr Light’s relationship before Wily’s rise to power. The second album aims for a cleaner sound to emphasise a world before everything has gone to shit.

The Protomen won’t be alone in their quest to bring fresh sound down under to Aussie rock fans. MC Frontalot, another PAX veteran will be joining the gang in both Melbourne and Sydney.

PAX AUS MC Frontalot

Frontalot’s style of rapping and nerdcore hip-hop have seen a surge in gaming related music and culture. His music has been featured in Penny Arcade’s Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness video game series.

Protomen Australia

Tickets to see The Protomen and MC Frontalot in Melbourne at the Evelyn Hotel are available on

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Daniel Ryan
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