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Knights of Pen and Paper + 1 Edition | Review

Knights of Pen and Paper

Knights of Pen and Paper is a charming rendition of an RPG tabletop adventure from Paradox Interactive that will have you wistfully entranced. There is a precision that is needed when creating a RPG for the mobile genre, and Paradox Interactive have done a tremendous job in this translation.

The idea of playing as your own party at a table with your Dungeon Master(DM) is genius. The game  follows the journey that is laid out by the DM. He guides you on various quests many of which you have a large say in how many monsters you battle.

Knights of Pen and Paper

In terms of story it is nothing memorable yet the side quests lead you on varying journey’s through frozen caves to vast sandy dunes. The side quests are worth completing because this is where numerous unlockable characters can be found such as the Barbarian, Bard and Hunter.

The constant pop culture references littered throughout the game never get tiring as the game doesn’t take itself too seriously.

To aid you in your quest you can purchase upgrades that also changes the aesthetic look of the table you are playing on or the walls and doors. These come in the form of items that sit on your table as well.

Precious gold can also be spent at the blacksmith where you can upgrade your equipment. But it is a risky endeavour as you only have a 40% chance of rolling the D20 die correctly and upgrading.

Knights of Pen & Paper

The way the difficulty setting works in this game is definitely unique and a fresh take. You choose your own battles in the game, from how many creatures you want to defeat and how tough they are. The rewards also scales and it creates a fantastic sense of how far can I push my group in order to win superior loots.

Some players will find this game a bit of a grind continually having to create your own battles to level up. If you switch in and out different characters it makes it slightly less monotonous.

Knights of Pen & Paper

The games itself costs $2.99 and it was a bit disappointing to see that even after you pay money there is still the option to fork out more money for in-game currency. On the plus side the need to purchase was never felt.

This review was carried out on a tablet and the pixellated graphics still looked great on it. The sound however was turned off after an hour or so of play. They grew old fast and tried to emulate the old school games of the past which was simply not enjoyable. The game also comes on PC but its simplicity means that it is definitely more suited for the mobile/tablet.

Knights of Pen and Paper – Final Thoughts {rating}

Knights of Pen and Paper is a fabulous way to kill hours on your mobile device. It’s the type of game I’ve been searching for as I can take my characters with me and level them up anywhere anytime.

Paradox Interactive have developed an addictive turn-based gem of a game that will have you missing your next appointment for sure.

Knights of Pen and Paper is available on through Google PlayiTunes and PC (Activated with Steam).




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