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Side Quest – Clan War Zafords vs Hodunks

clan faceoff

Well here it is folks. We’ve the reached the climax of this clan war. The Hodunk homes have been burned to the ground and a Zaford wake was crashed and turned into a massacre. All that’s left is a final showdown between both gangs. The only thing you have to decide is who to side with. Both gangs are meeting at the Lynchwood train station close to the Highlands gateway.

Drive out there and prepare to choose a side. Before you choose, revel in their confusion as they figure out who your fighting for. Once you’ve chosen your side open fire on your enemies. Wipe everyone out including the gangs leader. Talk to whichever leader you didn’t kill and you’ll receive a fine weapon for putting an end to this bloody feud.

Clan War Zafords vs Hodunks REWARD:

Item: Chulainn SMG (Zafords) or Landscaper shotgun (Hodunks)

Experience: 4812



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