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Borderlands 2 Clan Wars First Place

 Borderlands 2 Clan Wars First Place

borderlands 2 clan wars first place

With the Zafords and Hodunks at each others throats it’s time to further fan the flames of war. Go and talk to Mick Zaford. He needs your help getting back at the Hodunks for their destruction of his distillery, well the one you destroyed anyways.

Zaford needs you to cause some calamity at the Hodunk’s annual race. There’s an amazing pyrotechnic show along with it and Zaford is thinking of replacing it with dynamite. Follow him down to the basement to obtain the explosives and head out to the Dust.

borderlands 2 clan wars first place[]

When you come to the Hodunk’s race way start making your way to the center where the pyrotechnic’s are located. There shouldn’t be that much resistance as you make your way further into the camp. You’ll find the boxes of fireworks located in te center of the speed way. Place the explosives, then find the pyrotechnician running the show.

He’ll be sitting on top of a small platform over looking the bridge you laid the dynamite on. Climb and kill the fool. The race starts immediately after you kill him. All you need to do is wait until the cars pass over the bridge, then set off the explosives and enjoy the show.

 borderlands 2 clan wars first place[]

Any left over cars will need to be destroyed, so mop up the mess by using a launcher or hopping into a vehicle. Return to Ellie to receive your reward and continue your plans to destroy these two gangs.

Clan Wars First Place REWARD:

Money: $346

Item: shotgun or grenade mod

Experience: 3208



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