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Borderlands 2 Guide-Side Quest: You Are Cordially Invited: Party Prep


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varkid nest bartleby

While we’re still in Tundra Express pay a visit again to Tiny Tina. The 13-year-old explosives expert is looking to host a tea party for some of the “locals” in the area.

In particualr, she needs you to pick up her date Sir Reginald Von Bartlesby. It seems his mother doesn’t want to let him out of the house for the party.

madame bartlesby[]

You’ll find Sir Reginald’s home in the northeast area of the Tundra. When you reach the top of the high hill you’ll come to his house…which is actually a varkid nest. That’s right, this means you’re going to need to kill Sir Reginald’s mother.

When she goes down (she’s a tough bug) her son can be found lying on the nest. Pick him up and it’s off to finding the next guest of honor, Princess Fluffybutt.

bandit outpost


Acquiring her, is going to be just as much a challenge. You’ll acquire all of the parts needed to make the Princess by blowing up buzzards in the area. You’ll need to shoot down three of them to successfully put together Princess Fluffybutt.

The bandit outpost in the area isn’t far from your current postion so finding buzzards won’t be all that difficult. With the parts in hand you can put her together and make her party ready.


There is a bonus objective if you would like to complete it. Tina also needs you to pick up some crumpets to eat. These delicious buggers are also in the nearby bandit outpost.

Simply pick them and bring everything, and everyone, back to Tina to create the beginnings of a wild tea party.


Money: $43

Experience: 2069

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