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Clan Milk Partners With Non-Fiction Gaming For HoN Coverage

Clan Milk [CM] and Non Fiction Gaming [NFG] are excited to announce a partnership between the two organizations. NFGHoN and their dedicated team of casters will be the voices behind the monthly tournaments hosted by Clan Milk as well as live scrims of the CM Competitive Team and Replay Casts of Clan Milk HoNTour matches.

Heroes of Newerth HoN

Together our organizations will make strides to advance, grow, and foster the HoN eSports scene. Non-Fiction Gaming is currently covering the HoN Invite league through our Twitch channel NFGHoN.

Over the coming months Clan Milk will be hosting Heroes of Newerth tournaments with casting content provided by NFGHoN. First up will be the:

Clan Milk: HoN 1v1 “BloodLust” Tournament

Clan Milk BloodlustSponsored by S2 Games

  • 1st place: 1800 Gold Coins
  • 2nd place: 1000 Gold Coins
  • 3rd place: 600 Gold Coins

Entrants will fight it out 1v1 with pre-determined heros for Gold Coins and ultimate bragging rights. Be sure to tune in at ClanMilkTV Saturday March 2nd, at 2:30 PM EDT (20:30 CEST).

Clan Milk and Non-Fiction Gaming

NFG Nonfictiongaming

Non Fiction Gaming ( is a premiere source for gaming news, reviews, and eSports covering all genre and niche imaginable.

 Clan Milk CM

Clan Milk ( is a Heroes of Newerth powerhouse, fielding a top tier team as well as hosting monthly tournaments for amatuer and professional teams alike.

NFGHoN is looking for further sponsors to promote to eSports fans. To get your brand seen on an international level; contact us through Twitter, Facebook or Email.

Non-Fiction Gaming is also in connection with the eSports team Seraphic Nexus and music sensation James ‘Doolz’ Doolan. Be sure to show them your support.

Daniel Ryan
Daniel Ryan
Daniel 'Sheriff Dan' Ryan is a long time Dungeon Master who has worked in Esports, Marketing, and writes about Gaming when the sun goes down.


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