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Search for Australia and New Zealand’s Ultimate Monster Hunter


Ultimate Monster Hunter

Starting from the 15th of February, Nintendo Australia have begun their search to find Australia and New Zealand’s Ultimate Monster Hunter!

Players will compete for a chance to be crowned the Ultimate Monster Hunter, win an opportunity to visit Nintendo Australia’s head office and create a gameplay launch trailer for Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. Gamers are required to submit video footage of themselves showing their skills in playing Monster Hunter Tri for the Wii console. Runners Up will also be in the chance to win Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS at launch.

In order to enter, gamers must record themselves battling any monster in Monster Hunter Tri (Wii), upload the video to Youtube and send the link through via the competition website.

Ultimate Monster Hunter


If you have what it takes to be an Ultimate Monster Hunter go to for further competition details and to learn more about Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate.




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