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Borderlands 2 Guide: Side Quest-Too Close For Missles




There’s someone else in the Dust who needs your help, but he isn’t within your core group of do-gooder friends. His name is Loggins and he’s a former gyro pilot. That’s right, one of douches who is constantly shooting at you while you drive around the Dust. Well, sadly he’s been kicked out of the gang and is looking for good old fashioned revenge…through you. The gang is planning on having a psycho-head volleyball tournament and Loggins wants you to crash it by stealing their volleyballs and gas cans. And kill them too, you know.

buzzard ramp camp


Grab a vehicle, preferably a light runner, and head out into the Dust. The Gyro base is set on top of a plateau out of reach of your vehicle. It may seem impossible, but just south of Ellie’s garage is a large rock that looks like a ramp. You guessed it. Simply drive up the ramp and use your boosters to launch yourself onto the top of the plateau. Now it’s time to look for those volleyballs.

Volleyball #1

This ball can be found on the lower tier where you just landed your vehicle. You’ll need to fight off some killer and elite marauders, but you’ll eventually find it tucked into an outcrop with an old couch in it. The volleyball will be right next to the couch.

volleyball 2


Volleyball #2

You’ll find this one as you head further into the camp. It’ll be sitting on top of a derelict hangar. Head into the hangar and get underneath it to pull the ball between the openings in the ceiling. Several more bandits will attempt to stop you, but handling them should be relatively easy. The main challenge are the gyro flyers that come in overhead. Your best bet for taking them down is to head back to where you left your vehicle and blow them out of the sky with its guns.

Gas Can #1

The first gas canister will be right outside the hangar where you found the first volleyball.

Gas Can #2

The second gas canister is right next to a propane tank near the volleyball court in the center of the camp.


The third volleyball can be found on the rooftop of one of the shanty houses near the volleyball court. To reach it, make a running jump from the gyro landing platform onto the hangar near the house. Jump from the hangar to the roof and the volleyball will be yours.


Volleyball number four is located in the western half of the camp, on the lower ramparts. Hop down from the camp and you’ll find it sitting on a table at the end of the rampart.

shirtless man[]

With supplies in hand head back to the volleyball net in the center of the camp and douse it with the gasoline. Use an incendiary weapon and burn that sucker. Three bandits known as the shirtless men don’t take kindly to the act and proceed to attack you. Since they lack any kind of shielding use the same incendiary weapon on them and they’ll go up in flames. With them dead, return to Loggins and retrieve your reward.


Money: $392

Item: random assault rifle or SMG

Experience: 910



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