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Borderlands 2 Guide: Main Quest-Alternate W4R D3N Boss Fight

friendship gulag

So you let W4R D3N get away with Roland on the Bloodshot Ramparts? Well, it’s not a complete loss. The Hyperion robot dragged him off to the Friendship Gulag in the Dust. You know this place is going to be filled with plenty of friends who will hug you with plenty of firearms and explosives. Fast travel to the Dust then grab a vehicle from Ellie’s place. Head north towards the objective marker to reach the Gulag.

gulag entrance

Once inside start fighting your way through the base. The least troublesome way through the Hyperion base is by heading east. You can expect plenty of resistance from Hyperion GUN loaders and EXP loaders. You’ll come to a flight of steps up to a platform near the center of the map. Clear the area of enemies and head on up. When you’ve reached the top start working your way north through the center of the map.

w4r d3n gulag

Expect to deal with more GUN loaders and EXP loaders, as well as some Hyperion soldiers. Once you punch through the center of the map, you’ll come to W4R D3N and Roland. Follow the same strategy when you fought the machine on the Bloodshot Ramparts. He’ll still throw everything at you, but you don’t need to worry about him flying away on you. Still, make sure you’re using an electrical elemental weapon to devastate his shields.

roland gulag

With W4R D3N destroyed talk to Roland and receive your reward for this long and brutal quest. You did it! You’re finally done. Now all you have to do is save the world and stuff.


Eridium: 4 bars

Experience: 3640



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