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Borderlands 2 Guide: Main Quest-A Dam Fine Rescue Pt. 1

bloodshot front gate


It’s finally time to head in and rescue Roland from the Bloodshots. Their holding the former vault hunter in their hideout placed in the dam. Grab a light runner and head to Three Horns Valley. You’ll recognize their front gate as it’s covered in spikes and bloody graffiti. Drive up to front gate and honk your horn to see if they’ll let you in. For a moment the bandit running the front gate will believe you, until their leader decides to point out your car looks nothing like the bandit technicals they use.

They open fire on you immediately and your only option is to retreat. Scooter points out the obvious solution to this problem: you’re going to need to sneak in with one of their bandit technicals. He mentions his sister Ellie living out in the Dust could help you acquire one of these deadly pick up trucks. The waypoint to the Dust is just west of the Bloodshot home base. If you’re still near their front gate the waypoint immediately to the right.


On the other side you’ll come out to the desolate Dust. Ellie’s garage is tucked in the junkyard to your right as you drive further into the area. Find your way through the trash and parts to find Ellie gleefully crushing a bandit in his own technical. Hop out of your vehicle and talk with Ellie. She informs you she has a bandit technical…which she just crushed. Luckily she has the basic frame of a technical ready to go. All you need to do is grab the extra bandit flare needed to make it look authentic.



To find these parts all you need to do is to drive out in to the dust and search for bandit technicals in the area. You’ll need to destroy five of them in order to obtain all of the parts. Once you’ve wreaked enough vehicular destruction bring all of the parts back to Ellie and she’ll put them together to give you the bandit technical. The bandit technical doesn’t come with a fancy rocket launcher or mounted machine gun. It instead fires flaming saw blades and dangerous explosives. You’re welcome.

With your new vehicle in hand it’s time to head back to the Bloodshot fortress and rescue Roland.

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