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Borderlands 2 Guide: Side Quest-In Memoriam

Borderlands 2 Guide

 Creating a cult hasn’t been the only problem Lilith has run into while masquerading as the Firehawk. Needing to go undercover she faked her own death before hand to throw off Hyperion. Unfortunately, a bandit out in Three Horns Valley is aware that she’s still alive and is looking to Hyperion the information. Lilith needs this man silenced.

Leave Sanctuary and grab a vehicle from the Catch-A-Ride station next to the town’s entrance. Head south towards your new objective marker to find the bandit, Boll, who’s looking to report Lilith to Hyperion. The area is near the bridge that leads to Frostburn Canyon and you’ll the entrance with a “Beware” sign over it. Head through and Boll and his minions will start attacking you.

Borderlands 2 Guide

He has several snow skags fighting for him and some of them are in the alpha class. Lay down some heavy fire on the skags first so you can free yourself up to deal with Boll.

He uses a rapid firing shotgun, which packs a punch make circles around him and use your ability to get a leg up on him. When he dies he’ll drop an echo recorder with a message from Hyperion wanting evidence that would prove Lilith is still alive.

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The evidence consists of three ECHO recorders, Lilith had used. Now you’ll need to find all three recorders so Hyperion doesn’t get to them first. The first one is directly behind you from your current position in the small bandit outpost.

You won’t need to go in fight the bandits as the recorder is attached to an anchor hanging from a chain. Fire off a shot to send the anchor crashing to the ground. Grab the recorder and move on to the next one.

Oh, and don’t forget to listen to the hilarious dialogue between Lilith and Roland.

The second recorder is located back north near Sanctuary. You’ll see a steam pump with some additional plumbing nearby. Walk up to the extra plumbing and turn the valve to obtain the next recording of Lilith and Roland. You may have to be concerned about some skags nearby, but for the most part the area is clear of enemies.

Borderlands 2 Guide


The last one is further south near the shore you landed on when you first arrived here from the Southern Shelf. Fall into the gorge the bridge to Frostburn Canyon expands. Follow the path until you come out of the canyon to an oil pipeline.

Hop out of your vehicle and you’ll notice some crates near the pipeline. Climb up the crates and do some platforming to reach the ladder up to the top of the pipe. You’ll find the last recorder near the gun chest at the other end (which you should loot).

With all the recorders in hand return to Lilith and take your reward. After saving her from Hyperion and covering up what you heard on the recorders you better get one.


Money: $196

Experience: 1820

Item: Random head customization

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