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Borderlands 2 Guide: Side Quest-Medical Mystery: X-Com-Communicate

Borderlands 2 Guide

After searching Dr. Mercy’s body you’ll pick up the mystery weapon he has been using. Dr. Zed comes over the ECHO to inform you that this nifty gun is an E-tech weapon. The gun is powered by eridium and offers some devastating damage. While E-tech weapons use bullets, the shot that is produced comes in the form of laser bolts, plasma, or straight up beams. In the case of Dr. Mercy’s gun, it fires off intense laser bolts at enemies.

In order to get a better idea of what this weapon can do, Dr. Zed wants you to test it out on the local bandit population. You’ll need to kill 25 of them in order to do a proper test (if that’s what you can call it). As soon as Zed gives you the objective several psychos show up. With the E-tech weapon in hand start mowing them down. Try not to use anything else to kill them as your kill for the objective will only count if they are killed by the E-tech gun.

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There won’t be enough enemies in Dr. Mercy’s lair. Head to the Southpaw Steam and Power Plant. The power plant is located through the right tunnel in the lair. When come back out to the valley it will be directly across from the exit you came out from. Several bandits will guarding the entrance to the plant and should provide enough kills to complete the quest.

Return to Dr. Zed to get your reward, along with an awesome E-tech pistol. Or you can keep this fancy E-tech assault rifle by simply not turning the quest in. You’ll lose the experience, but you’ll have one badass gun on your hands. Either way you’ll be pleased with the results. Enjoy.


Experience: 791

Item: E-tech pistol

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