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Borderlands 2 Guide: Side Quest – Medical Mystery


Time to do another favor for Dr. Zed. Some of his patients have been showing up with odd bullet wounds that were not made by bullets. He suspects it may be an old rival of his, Dr. Mercy. Don’t let the name fool you. Dr. Mercy is anything, but merciful, yet still has more medical credentials than our good friend Dr. Zed does.

To find the mad doctor you’ll need to go south towards Three Horns Valley. Grab a light runner and head to the area. You’ll find a few skags on the other side, but there’s no need to worry about them. If you’re still in your vehicle, simply fire off some rounds from the attached machine guns and wipe them out.


The entrance to Dr. Mercy’s lair is right around the corner from the area entry point. Drive up, hop out, and head on inside. Take a right when you enter the center of the lair and you’ll find several bandits patrolling. There are a few psychos and nomads in the group making the situation a bit of challenge. Try to remain unseen and chuck a grenade into the crowd. This will severely wound several of them, making for easier targets.

Use your best weapons and abilities to subdue your enemies. There is also plenty of cover to use if the fight is getting too rough. When they’re all dead collect the loot and continue up the ramps they were protecting. Keep going forward towards big oil barrel with a doorway carved into its side. When you’re close enough Dr. Mercy will appear.

He’s essentially a nomad and is carrying a massive phalanx shield for protection. You’ll need to get behind to inflict full damage to him. Zero players shouldn’t have a problem accomplishing this, but other classes are going to need to use more innovative methods to deal damage. Use grenades or an explosive weapon to knock him off balance and shoot him while he’s exposed.

Still use your best weapons and ability to deal as much damage as possible, but remember to use the cover around should the fight go south.

When he’s dead go to Dr. Mercy’s body to turn in the quest.


Money: $55

Experience: 791



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