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Borderlands 2 Guide: Side Quest – The Name Game

This quest is given to you by Sir Hammerlock. You can find your old chum hiding out in Moxxi’s bar. The scientific gentleman finds the name, bullymong, a tad bit silly and is looking to give the ferocious creatures a new name that’s more suitable. In order to come up with a new name Hammerlock wants you to study the creatures’ habits. More specifically, search through their droppings and kill a few of them.

Luckily, there are plenty of bullymong nests around Three Horns Divide. Not far south from the entrance of Sanctuary is a nest. Pay the bullymongs a visit with your shotgun, or rifle, or whatever you have on you to kill them. There are some rakk nearby as well and watch the skies carefully for them. Once the bullymongs are dead search through their refuse piles for items and clues to their habits. You’ll need to search through five piles to satisfy Hammerlock’s request. There are only three piles in the area so you’ll have to go to the second objective point further south.


More bullymongs will appear as you approach. If you’ve brought a runner to reach the objective then simply stay behind the wheel and open fire on the beasts. Once the area is clear, search for more refuse piles. There will be enough in the area to finish the Hammerlock’s first task. Hammerlock sees the bullymong’s ability to create these piles as sign of primal intelligence and decides to call the creatures ‘primal beasts’. While he discusses it with his publisher, he wants you to blow up a ‘primal beast’ with a grenade.

Marrowfields is nearby and there are plenty of ‘primal beasts’ roaming the area. Find a primalet or weaken an adult and chuck a grenade their way. The explosion should finish them off easily enough.


Hammerlock eventually returns with the results. Seems his publishers dislike the name ‘primal beast’. He decides to give ‘feravore’ a try, despite the name has already been used. This time while you wait Hammerlock wants you to fire three of their projectiles out of the air. Got to another bullymong nest and find some slingers. Shoot the rocks they throw and you’ll accomplish this task in no time. Use an assault rifle or a rapid firing pistol to insure you destroy the rocks.

Hammerlock comes back with unfortunate news. ‘Feravore’ is trademark, making the name useless for the bullymongs. Down on his luck he decides to call them ‘bonerfarts’. Talk about giving up. Since he is throwing it to the wind all he wants you to do is kill five of them. Find more bullymongs and do as he says.

Not surprisingly, Hammerlock’s publishers don’t like the name ‘bonerfart’. He ultimately decides to stick with the name bullymong for his book. Return to Sanctuary to receive your reward for your, somewhat, pointless work.


Money: $222

Experience: 791

Item: Random shotgun or random shield



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