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Borderlands 2 Guide: Boss Battle – Captain Flynt

After climbing all the way up Soaring Dragon, you finally come to the top. When Claptrap joins you from the lift follow him up the rest of the way. No more bandits will get in your way; only Flynt is in your way. As you follow Claptrap towards Flynt you’ll come across several cases with ammo, money and health.

Stop at each and fill up on each one should you need them. Find Claptrap at the end of the walkway near a grate door. There is a health and ammo vendor near by so use them to fully stock both before fighting against Flynt. When you’re ready follow Claptrap through the door to face-off against Flynt.


Boss: Captain Flynt

The arena is long, more so than wide. Flynt will maintain distance at first sending his men in to do his fighting for him. There are about eight or nine of them in the initial wave. It’ll be a healthy mix of marauders, killer marauders and possibly a badass marauder, attacking you. Use your ability and use the jutted geography of the arena to take cover.

After the first wave of lackeys is killed, Flynt jumps down to face you. Flynt is massive, standing several feet taller than you, but that isn’t the worst thing about him. The checkered grates on the arena will begin shooting fire into the air. Avoiding them requires simple attention, but these walls of fire also help Flynt. If he walks through the flames he’ll generate a fire cloak that deals damage as well as protects. Keep your distance and stay on the move as he has an incendiary weapon (the guy really likes fire).

Stay on the move and keep your distance. Fire away and unleash your abilities to deal as much damage as possible to him. It’s a hardfight, but if you can hold out the gigantic bandit will fall hard.


As a reward for your hard work you’ll receive that nice incendiary pistol he was using, Flynt’s Tinderbox. Follow Claptrap to the northeast side of the arena. He’ll lead you under the large captain’s bridge of Flynt’s ship where you’ll find a red weapons chest with more sweet guns. Follow Claptrap out the other side to find his ship. Head aboard and prepare to set sail to Sanctuary and Roland.


Money: $15

Experience: 724

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