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Shoot Many Robots Album Available; Find Out Why Rich Vreeland Is A Cool Guy

Destroying evil rampaging robots is fun in its own right. The sound of gunfire and the satisfying clinking of bullets striking metal in Shoot Many Robots won’t be the only sounds you can start listening to. You’ll get all of the games hard-rocking, robot-killing music flowing through your ears soon.

For those of you who enjoyed the music of Shoot Many Robots well you’ll soon be able to get your hands on the games soundtrack.

Scored by famed video game composer Rich Vreeland, AKA Disasterpeace, the rough-and-tumble blues which accompanied the game was released a few days ago. Disasterpeace collected a group of talented blues musicians to create a 16-track record to continue accompanying your robot destroying carnage.

Disasterpeace also provided the music for fellow indie game Fez. Though it isn’t the tough, gritty rock of Shoot Many Robots, the airy light music helped bring Fez’s beautiful game world to life as much as the visuals did. Vreeland has also been a part of many other indie games such as the most recent Bomberman title and Bonk while working at Singapore-MIT GAMBIT.

Vreeland has also developed a game, called January, that involves music to interact with the game by catching snowflakes with the characters tongue. Sounds odd, but it seems entertaining enough.

Vreeland has a very different approach to composing his music during the development process than most audio developers in the gaming industry. Music creation has always been in the background, but Vreeland prefers to embed himself right into the process, he stated in an interview with

“Sometimes, you work with people who don’t consider incorporating you into the development process much. This can be frustrating, because I think being able to play the project and actually make adjustments is a very important part of writing music for games that is often overlooked.

There are lots of top notch composers who essentially write a bunch of tracks from a distance and hand them over to the developers to do with what they will. I prefer to be wholly embedded in the development of the game, and to help concept and design the implementation of the music in the game.”

Demiurge Studios as the album available for a mere $5 on Demiurge Studios Bandcamp site. Now that’s a video game soundtrack worth paying for. And for those of you who are interested I would highly recommend picking up the album.

And if you’re looking for more of Vreeland’s work you can find more tracks and his whole discography available at his blog as well as at his alias website





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