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[News] Beta Registration – F1 Online: The Game

Codemasters has revealed how players can customise and upgrade their own racing car in F1 Online: The Game, a free-to-play online racing and management game in production at Codemasters Studios under exclusive worldwide agreement with Formula One World Championship Limited.

Gamers are being invited to become amongst the first in the world to play the game by registering for the F1 Online: The Game closed beta by going here.

F1 Online: The Game combines intuitive top-down racing gameplay with a management game. Players will have access to a range of races with simple controls on track and become the team boss of their very own racing team off it.

To lead their team to victory, players will choose how to develop their team headquarters and create, customise and upgrade their very own racing car. Customisation options include deciding their team name, creating a team emblem, choosing a livery for the car and picking the colour and design for the driver’s helmet.

Players can also display badges of achievement earned in-game on their racing car. In the role of team boss, gamers can also research and produce a range of car components, including upgrading the gearbox, brakes, KERS, rear wing and engine, to improve their performance on race day.

By registering for F1 Online: The Game’s closed beta, players will have the opportunity to give their feedback and shape game features prior to the game’s open beta phase which is coming later this year. Fans who are accepted into the closed beta also have the opportunity to earn in-game rewards when F1 Online: The Game goes live. Players can register now and see the latest screens and videos from the game at

F1 Online: The Game will invite fans to compete in online multiplayer races across a range of game modes, including Grand Prix™ events and a range of quick-fire challenges and time trials.

Gamers will be able to track and share their progress via a range of leaderboards and social network features. F1 Online: The Game is being developed in house at Codemasters using the Unity game engine to deliver stunning performance in a web browser.




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Daniel Ryan
Daniel Ryan
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