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[Review] Infinity Blade

 Epic games have done something special with Infinity Blade. The last game I can remember playing like Infinity Blade was Punch Out on the NES and Punch Out felt felt like a series of quick time events bundled into a game.

Somehow, Epic took something old and stale and turned it into a game that fits a description that is true for a number of iOS titles; best in genre.

Infinity Blade tells the story of a kingdom overshadowed by the oppressive rule of a divine tyrant, the God King. Sitting upon the lofty throne within his castle, the God King has overshadowed his subjects via methods that are not entirely clear though one thing is for sure, many have tried to overthrow him and all have failed.


In Infinity Blade, the gameplay comes first and the story second which makes it a perfect pick-up-and-play game and yet the story remains an integral part not only to enjoying the game, but also the gameplay itself.

Each time you challenge the God King, whether successful or not, you start the next play through as an ancestor from your bloodline vowing revenge against the tyrant.

Grow Stronger

The RPG elements have their own unique twist too. Each time you defeat an enemy in combat, you gain experience points toward masting each of the items you used in that fight.

Each time you gain a mastery experience point, your character also gains a leveling experience point. Leveling up will provide you with two points to assign to your combat statistics and mastering an item will provide you with one additional stat point which encourages challenging the God King again and again.


The combat for Infinity Blade is simple to learn but hard to master with controls and concepts that are constantly evolving. You have a block button, a magic button, buttons to dodge left and right and then can swipe the screen in four different directions to create combos for attacks.

It sounds entirely bland and yet somehow through responsive controls and a balanced combat system, Epic games have turned a monstrously boring concept into pure gold.

Final Word


Having been originally released in 2009, Infinity Blade is now a few years old with a direct sequel already available and a spinoff, Infinity Blade: Dungeons, in the works yet it still holds up very well in every department.

The graphics look fantastic even on an iPhone 3GS and the sound has a “gothic medieval” feel that not only sounds great but suits the game perfectly.

Infinity Blade truly is an amazing iOS title spawning many clones since it’s initial release but none truly feel as complete or compelling as the original. Check it out!

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