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Charles Explains Everything You Should Know About Star Wars Legion

Star Wars Legion (the cool kids just call it ‘Legion’), recently announced at GenCon 50, seems to be a beautiful amalgamation of the two most popular tabletop games currently available; Warhammer 40k and X-Wing.

Star Wars Legion miniatures

Brought to us be FFG, Legion positions you as the general of a small force of either Rebels or Imperials, fighting it out for various objectives and generally just for the pure joy of it.

The miniatures look excellent. The rules look clean and modern. And the hype has utterly swallowed me.

And so I bring your Star Wars Tabletop Gaming. A YouTube channel devoted to everything Legion. You should expect in the near future rules analysis, hobby tutorials,  terrain building, battle reports and product reviews.

My garage is currently in the process of being converted into a man den. And there’s some SERIOUS Star Wars gaming about to go down. While the game isn’t released until late 2017/early 2018 there’s plenty to go on to get some demo games going while we wait.


In the first episode I introduce myself and give you a general overview of what we know so far about Star Wars Legion. Enjoy!



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