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Steam ‘Mysterious Badge’ Trading Cards Are Now Available

Update 12/06/15: The Steam Summer Sale is LIVE and there’s a Monster Game to go along with the Steam Sa

Steam Mystery Badge

Get Ready For The Steam Summer Sale, Most Likely

If you check your Steam account profile every day you may have already noticed a new badge available for crafting. The Steam Mysterious Badge.

10 Steam Mystery Cards are required to craft this card… but how do you get these cards?

By crafting other badges you’ll have a chance to receive a Mystery Card alongside the other rewards such as the background, emoticon and coupons.

Steam Mystery Badge

The real mystery though is what unlocking this Steam Badge will mean for those keen enough.

Similar events have happened before. According to Destructoid, these mystery cards have shown up in the past leading up to a Sale and usually convert into Summer Sale cards once the Sale gets into full swing.

Steam Mystery Card 6

The Steam Mystery Cards themselves aren’t tradable or marketable until after 5pm the 9th of June. So we can make some guesses around when this card will convert into a Steam Summer Sale Card.

While we freeze our butts off down south of the equator, we can take some comfort in the fact that a Steam Summer Sale is probably on its way.

Steam mysterious badge

If you’re into this kind of thing, get your crafting on. You might be able to get some regular trading cards for a decent price to finish those badges. If you couldn’t care less, it might be time to put some cards up on the market, they’re only taking up space anyway and a few coins in your Steam wallet never hurts going into a sale.

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Daniel Ryan
Daniel Ryan
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