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The PAX Pokemon League is Looking For Gym Leaders

Warner Bros. Interactive have announced new details regarding The Season Pass for it’s the highly anticipated title, Batman Arkham Knight.

The season pass will be available for $39.99/£32.99 and will offer up access to six months of post launch DLC, such as new story missions, new villains, Bat Mobile skins, and more. The announcement advises that there will also be advanced challenge maps, alternative character skins, and new drivable race tracks as part of the season pass.

As well as this it has been announced that those who purchase Batman: Arkham Knight Premium Edition, will receive the season pass as part of the package.

A recent Batman Arkham Knight trailer is seen showing off the Dual-Play mechanic that lets the player control Batman, Robin and Nightwing in combat.

Batman: Arkham Knight’s release date is still June 23rd for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One; Mac and Linux coming later.

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The PAX Pokemon League is looking for Gym leaders.

The weekend-long alternate reality game is played during PAX by Pokemon trainers, youngsters and bug-catchers alike. The Gym Leaders will be wandering the convention center halls ready to battle upstart young challengers (Probably upon making eye contact).

PAX Aus Team Rocket
Watch out for Team Rocket!

If trainers can defeat them in battle, they’ll receive the Gym Leader’s badge. Upon collection of eight gym badges, you’ll earn a spot to challenge the Elite Four, and the Champion.

According to the their post on ‘How to be a Gym Leader‘:

“A gym leader must have a theme. We prefer monotype teams (in the spirit of the games), but more creative, clever themes will be considered! Your theme should be clear to your challenger once you’ve battled with them. Note that as a gym leader, YOU determine who is worthy of your badge! Battles are traditional, but there are other ways to test a challenger’s mettle… and losing a battle doesn’t mean they haven’t proven themselves! You set the criteria.”

Pax aus pokemon jenny
Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny

How to Apply to be a PAX Pokemon Gym Leader

The PAX Pokemon League is currently taking applications for Australia Region Gym Leaders who are looking to don the Green Scarf and take challengers over the weekend of PAX.

PAX Aus attendees looking to apply have until 22nd or May to get their application in PAX AUSTRALIA 2015 Gym Leader Application!.

For something a little different from a tournament, the PAX Pokemon League adds yet another thing for people do during PAX.

Applications will be open until May 22nd.

pax aus pokemon
Team Rocket is at it again!

For the PAX Pokemon Trainers:

All that is required is a copy of the newest Pokemon game and the willingness to approach Gym Leaders to initiate a battle.

Pokemon Battle!

Gym Leaders will be all over PAX, and can be identified by their bright green scarves. Approach them, challenge them to a battle, and if they deem you worthy, you’ll earn their badge! No need to sign up or anything, just find a Gym Leader and start battling!

Pokemon Omega Ruby Alpha Sapphire

Gym Leaders will be at varying difficulty levels, so everyone has a chance to obtain 8 badges over the weekend.

Those who conquer the league will win eternal glory as a champion, being immortalized in the Hall of Fame, along with respect from their peers, and the ability to be forced to sit through the game’s credits sequence.

Also, there may be some prizes…

What Else Should I know

The rules have been posted at and have been updated for 2015.

If you were a Pokemon Gym leader, what would your theme be?

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