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The World of Warships Dev Diary Looks at the History of the U.S. Navy

The World of Warships DevDiary gives a look into what goes on behind the scenes in making the game.

In the latest DevDiary video from, the Warships team take you through some iconic U.S. 20th century vessels that clashed across the Pacific and Atlantic oceans.

Check out the roles warships such as the USS Michigan and Montana played in ocean warfare and discover how our team brought these vessels to life in World of Warships.

There are 75 Warships planned for release between the first two playable nations, Japan and US.

World of Warships Yamato Battleship
Yamato was the lead ship of the Yamato class of Imperial Japanese Navy World War II battleships.


We spoke with Max Chuvalov at PAX Australia last year and got a hands on look at World of Warships.

From the World of Warships Interview:

“We were shown 6 different US ships that are currently ready. Max advised that the teams are paying attention to historical ships based on real blueprints. To get the accuracy they desire, they have been working with private collectors and military organisations.”

Each ship takes approximately 2-6 months to create. To give some perspective to the level of detail, one tank from World of Tanks contains the same number of polygons as 1 Battleship Gun.

World of Warships is currently in closed Beta with no official release date announced just yet.

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Daniel Ryan
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