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15 Years of Total War in 3 Minutes

Total War 15 Years

This year Total War joins some of the longest-running gaming series with its 11 titles spanning over 2000 years of historical warfare.

Empires have risen, and many a brave warrior has fallen with an estimated 4.8 billion battles waged in the last 15 years.

The Total War series started with Shogun: Total War which was first announced in early 1999. The game focused the Sengoku period of Japanese feudal history, and upon its release in June 2000 it was met with critical acclaim.

According to the press release, over 1 million people play Total War every month now, spending an average of 104 hours apiece in each game.

15 Years of Total War

Sega and Creative Assembly have announced that they hope 2015 will be their biggest year yet. The release of this trailer is supposed to look back at the roots of the series and hint at what’s to come. Digital and tablet title Total War Battles: KINGDOM, 10v10 team strategy in Total War: ARENA, and more.

To celebrate the 15 years of Total War, Creative Assembly will be at the EGX Rezzed show in London this weekend with some retro and modern gaming on all their titles, plus a huge Total War prize giveaway.


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Daniel Ryan
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