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Wasteland 2 Making It’s Console Debut On PS4


Wasteland 2 will be making it’s debut on PlayStation 4 this summer, in the form of a Game Of The Year Edition that will feature new customization options, vastly upgraded environments, and improved character models.

A recent post on PlayStation Blog reads : In this hardcore RPG, you take control of a squad of four Desert Rangers — plus any followers you pick up along the way — to keep peace in the post-apocalyptic Arizona desert. But a larger threat looms on the horizon, and it will fall to your team to deal with it… or die trying,”

Wasteland 2 was originally funded via Kickstarter and made it’s début on PC in September 2014. The Game Of The Year Edition will act as a remaster of the critically acclaimed title.

This Game Of The Year Edition will feature various upgrades of the original, from new and realistic lighting effects, to new visual effects, and new voice actors.

wasteland 2 gameplay

Changes have also made their way to gameplay with players now having the ability to fully customize their squad’s perks, as well as precision strike mode which allows you to take aim at any part of your foe’s body.

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