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Discontinued Legacy Of Kain Project Revealed

A riveting 30 minute video regarding an axed Legacy of Kain game named, Dead Sun has made it’s way to NeoGAF. The game was destined to make it’s debut on PS3, and Xbox 360, but it was unfortunately axed in 2012.

This news was uncovered by NeoGAF user, Mama Robotnik, who claims that the game was being developed by independent UK developer, Climax Studios, under the codename Black Cloth. Dead Sun was consistently undergoing work for approximately three years before it was unavoidably cancelled.

dead sun 2

“The game was not projected to meet Square Enix sales projections thus the game was scrapped” stated the user. “In it’s final form the game was strongly considered to be a PlayStation 4 launch title” he continued.

Along with the videos, some additional artwork was posted showing various locations throughout Nosgoth and the large structures present throughout. One piece even shows a city where humans and vampires resided together.

dead sun 3

“My interpretation of the trailer: its the final rite of passage of the Saradin vampire race, the moment where they are either burned to death by water, or master their power and survive as a wraith. The reference to Soul Reaver is very direct.”

Dead Sun

Were you a fan of the Legacy of Kain series? Soul Reaver was a game that resonates with some of our past, let us know What moment hooked you into gaming?

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