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Deep Down Remains In Development


Deep down Capcom

Despite news concerning Capcom’s action RPG title, Deep Down, has been sparse in the past months, Sony, alongside Capcom have profusely reassured fans that the game remains in development .

Following an interview with 4GamerDeep Down‘s producer, Yoshinori Ono, has stated that proceeding this long period of media silence the development team has commenced work on a riveting new build of the game, that will differ greatly from previously showcased sections.

He proceeded to explain his reasoning for this sudden development modification: “Even if it may be a little further ahead, we would like to show off a completely different form from what we’ve shown before. In fact, the concept has become larger than what was first announced. Actually, the former design was probably not good.”

Deep Down was showcased in February 2013 alongside the PlayStation 4 and was originally designated to release within the first few months of the console’s life cycle.

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