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The Order 1886 Could Sell 10-12 Million Copies

The Order 1886

Despite recent revelations concerning The Order: 1886‘s significantly shortened playtime, analyst Michael Pachter has concluded that the game will more than likely sell very well this year.

It is predicted that throughout the course of 2015 the game will fall into the hands of approximately 10-12 million people, however if there is not an inclusion of a console bundle these sales will significantly decrease to 5 million.

Pachter explained his reasoning for his prediction: “It’s a really good exclusive title and I think it attaches at a pretty high rate to the install base so probably 3.5 to 4 million of the install base, and then I think it will probably attract another 1 to 2 million to buy a PlayStation 4 in the next few months. So I would imagine it would be 5 million through the year’s end and it’s great.”

The Order: 1886 will retail on February 20th 2015 for PlayStation 4.

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