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Alien Isolation Lost Contact DLC Available Now

In a recent press release, Sega have revealed that their recently released first person horror game, Alien Isolation, will be receiving it’s fourth DLC pack “Lost Contact” today.

Alongside a new survivor map, the DLC will accommodate a new salvage challenge that features not only 10 new and riveting challenges, but some of the games most ravenous and terrifying foes that we have previously encountered.

Here is the official description of the DLC from Sega:

‘Lost Contact’ is the fourth add-on pack for Alien: Isolation’s Survivor Mode, and adds the second Survivor Challenge map to the game. With only one life to play with, each challenge accepted brings a new objective and enemy type where one wrong move can, quite literally, be your last. Completing challenges unlocks rewards and points, giving access to new items to collect and craft. Should players score enough points, they can be traded for a save slot at the expense of their final score and position on Alien: Isolation’s leaderboards.

As well as this the video featured above showcases a couple of terrified developers taking on the ravenous Xenemorph as well as a vast majority of the games other unique and terrifying foes.

The Lost Contact DLC is part of the Alien Isolation – Season Pass available for $29.99 at GameFanShop, individual DLC like Safe Haven.

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