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Hurk Deluxe Far Cry 4 DLC Available Now

Hurk, the Dim Witted and Slightly exasperating yet lovable fool, has left Far Cry 3 to make his debut in Far Cry 4 via a vicious DLC appropriately named ‘The Hurk Deluxe Pack’.

In this DLC players are pitted against 5 savage missions with the help of a menacing harpoon gun and various other unique and pristine weapons, as well as vehicles that will also be making their debut in the game.

Above is a walkthrough showcasing the various new weapons in a mission in which the player must save a captive Hurk from the treacherous soldiers that the island harbors, before they eliminate him.

Hurk Impaler

The DLC pack is available to all players whom possess a season pass, whilst those who do not will be able to acquire this intense DLC via the games store.

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