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Alien Isolation Just Got Even Deadlier With Safe Haven DLC

Alien Isolation Was a Breath of Life into the Venerable Series and now SEGA is Revitalising Their Take on the Genre


This week saw the third of five Survivor Mode add-ons for SEGA’s major horror title, Alien Isolation. Safe Haven allows players to take on the role of Hughes, the communications manager of Sevastopol. Hughes’ only hope for survival is to complete a series of tasks relayed to him over the radio.


Alien Isolation Safe Haven


Safe Haven brings with it a much bigger map and a new set of challenges. Each objective for Hughes to complete will have him facing some of the toughest enemies from the original game and bring him to the very corners of this huge map.


The exciting thing about the Safe Haven DLC is adding a degree of finality to dying, a la Justine. In horror games, I find my friends feeding their character to enemies just to get an idea of what the worst case scenario of death is like. By making death an instant loss/start over type scenario, it retains a mystery about what can happen to you.




Some of the more talented survivors, however, will be able to trade in their score for a save slot. Of course, this sacrifices their position on the leaderboards and final result. Personally, I think this feature was a mistake in spite of the trade-off. Only time will tell, however, if it’s something players will take advantage of.


Check out the trailer below to see just how Hughes will face these challenges in the Safe Haven add-on.



Alien Isolation, and its expanding repertoire of DLC, will test gamers on Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.



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